Reena Nair is majorly a self-taught artist living in The United States of America. Art has always been a part of Reena’s being. There were no defining or pivotal moments which determined the course of her life. Her need to paint has always been as vital as oxygen for breathing, providing necessary fuel for the mind and soul.

She began painting at a very early age and started working as a professional artist soon after she completed her M COM and MBA in Finance. She describes the journey with her Art teacher as a major role in seeing paintings and colors through different lenses and explore the other dimensions of mind and thought which made a huge impact on her.

Reena’s Art has evolved over time as she describes this journey as ‘never ending and forever learning’.
Additionally she has won awards for her artwork and has also judged several Art contests. Her work can also be found in private collections mostly in USA and INDIA.

Reena currently works and resides in Virginia.